Znamy datę IV Międzystanowej Pielgrzymki Rowerowej !!! ∗∗∗∗ Odbędzie się 15-21 Lipca 2019!!!
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We invite everyone to take part in the cycling pilgrimage "Believers in Faith on Bikes", which will be held on July 15-18, 2016. This will be the first interstate pilgrimage. The pilgrimage will last three days. On the first day (Friday), the pilgrimage departs from the two parishes of Stamford, Connecticut and Brooklyn, New York and goes in the direction of Rochelle Park, New Jersey. The second day (Saturday), we go to the parish in Rochelle Park, New Jersey to ManviIIe, New Jersey. The third day (Sunday), we leave the church in ManviIIe to the American Czestochowa in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

On the first day a group in CT will travel about 47 miles - 9 hours driving time, the group in NY will travel about 36 miles - travel time 6 hours. On the second day, everyone will drive 44 miles for 8 hours. On the third day, we drive 39 miles taking 6.5 hours. We will drive slowly, rest often and pray, as we welcome all volunteers who have a bike and want to take part in the pilgrimage. Everyone can choose where you want to leave from and how many days you want to stay. Accommodation is provided to each participant and everyone must have a sleeping bag and a foam mattress.

It is mandatory everyone has to wear a helmet and have a spare inner tube for your bike. In this pilgrimage, each participant is automatically a part of the pilgrimage and takes full responsibility for themselves and other participants of the pilgrimage. On the route we must take care of food drinks etc.
The cost of the pilgrimage is $70 per person.

Each participant has to take care of their luggage, primary luggage and carry-on's Carry-on's are small backpacks or bags that will be on the bike which should hold a rain jacket, spare inner tubes, and other necessities. The primary baggage will hold the sleeping bags, mats, and spare clothing, toiletries, please do not bring things that "might be important", we will not be taking large baggages !!!. We will be accompanied by a pilgrimage car, which will be transported only sleeping bags and mats. We are looking for volunteers who wish to help and decided to drive private cars with hooks or luggage racks for bicycles.
Each participant on the day of the pilgrimage (15 July 2016) must be at least 18 years old !!!! Each pilgrim must situate themselves their own mean of returning from American Czestochowa !!!!



Narowerze cycling pilgrimage to Polish Czestochowa in the United States will take the following safety precautions for the Bicycle Event taking place on July 15- 17, 2016:
The Event will travel slowly to accommodate all members of the group. The event will be broken up into groups of no more than 10-15 cyclists per group. The groups will stick only to bicycle legal routes. The groups shall not be larger than 10-15 people as the event is not asking for parade/street closure permits from all local municipalities along the route (the event will be passing through over 100 municipalities). Each group shall have a group leader. That Group leader should have the cell phone number of the other group leaders. The groups will then meet up at the scheduled churches and pray/sleep and then separate into groups of no more than 10-15 people the next day. The participants shall be reminded that this is not a race.
All members must wear a helmet at all times and have a spare inner tube.

There will be volunteers in cars traveling behind the groups (1- 5 cars). The volunteers will be available to pick up any event member who is tired or not feeling well to be driven to the next destination (church). The volunteers will have bicycle racks to take the member’s bicycle if necessary. The volunteers will have basic medical kits in their cars (bandages, ice packs, etc.).

If there is a medical emergency the group shall stop and call 911 and wait with the injured/ill person until medical personnel arrive and the emergency contact person on the waiver sheet is contacted.
The group will drive through inclement weather unless doing so is severely dangerous (ie thunderstorm) at which point that group shall stop and wait in a safe place (building/underpass) until the storm passes.
Each participant of the event will sign a liability waiver directing that such participant shall behave according to the following guidelines:

• I agree to wear a helmet at all times I am riding my bicycle during this Cycling Event;
• I agree to ride as a group, watch for problems (loose straps, loose equipment), and help my fellow cyclists have a safe and enjoyable ride;
• I agree to use hand and verbal signals to communicate with members of the group and with other traffic (hand signals for turning and stopping are as follows: Left are straight out to signal a left turn. Left arm out and down with you palm to the rear to signal slowing or stopping. And, for a right turn, put your right arm straight out (in areas where this is legal) or put your left arm out and bent up.
• I agree to use verbal warnings to warn my fellow riders of any potential road hazards or maneuvers I am making;
• I agree to watch for traffic coming from the rear;
• I agree to verify the way is clear before entering an intersection;
• I agree to move off the road if I am stopping for any reason;
• I agree to Ride single file or double file as appropriate to the roadway and traffic conditions and where allowed by law. Even where riding double is legal, courtesy dictates that I will single up when cars are trying to pass me if the lane is wide enough for them to safely do so;
• I agree to follow all instructions and directions of the group leader (the bike groups will be divided into groups of 10-15 cyclists so that there are no more than 15 cyclists in a given section of the road at a given time, the groups will stick together and no member of a bicycle group shall be left behind);
• I agree to stay on the roads designated by the group leader;
• I shall not consume alcoholic beverages or drugs while involved in this cycling event;
• I will be respectful to fellow group members and group leaders(If I do not abide by these instructions or instructions given to me by the group leader I will be asked to leave the bicycle event);
• I will follow all rules of the road;
Alcoholic Beverages shall be forbidden. If a member of the group is not acting in accordance with the participant’s procedures group leader’s instructions that participant shall be asked to leave the event.

Częstochowska Pani


Adresy rozpoczęcia pielgrzymnki


Dzień pierwszy

Our Lady of Czestochowa

655 Dorchester Ave,

Boston, MA 02127



Dzień drugi

Saint Joseph Basilica

53 Whitcomb St.

Webster, MA 01570



Dzień trzeci

SS. Cyril and Methodius

55 Charter Oak Ave,

Hartford, CT 06106



Dzień czwarty

St. Joseph's Church

129 Edwards St,

New Haven, CT 06511



Dzień piąty A

Holy Name of Jesus Church

325 Washington Blvd,

Stamford, CT 06902



Dzień piąty B

St. Rose of Lima Church

269 Parkville Ave.

Brooklyn , NY 11230



Dzień szósty

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Church

127 Paterson Avenue,

Wallington, NJ 07057



Dzień siódmy

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church

105 Summer Road,

Three Bridges, NJ 08887





The National Shrine of
Our Lady of Czestochowa

654 Ferry Road,

Doylestown PA 18901



W Duchu Świętym

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