We invite you for the 5th Interstate Bicycle Pilgrimage on July 17-19, 2020 !!!
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We are starting the 5th pilgrimage!

We cordially invite everyone to take part in the 5th "Faithful in the Faith on the Bike" bicycle pilgrimage, which will take place on Friday through Sunday, July 17 - 19, 2020.  This will be our 5th interstate bicycle pilgrimage. The pilgrimage will last three days.
On the 1st day (Friday) the CT group will travel approximately 50 miles - travel time 10 hours.
The NY group will travel approximately 34 miles - journey time 8 hours.
On the 2nd day (Saturday), we will travel 56 miles in 11 hours.
On the 3rd day (Sunday), we will travel 32 miles in 6 hours. 
Journey times listed incorporate rests and a lunch break.
We ride slowly, we relax often and pray often. Therefore we invite everyone to journey with us who has a bike, and is in good physical health and has a willingness to spend time with us in prayer. You have an option to choose where you want to start (location) and how many days you want to ride. Overnight accomadations are provided for each participant.  Required are a sleeping bag and a foam pad.
Everyone must ride in a bicycle helmet and have a spare inner tube for their bike. Each participant in the pilgrimage takes full responsibility for himself and other pilgrimage participants. On the route food will be provided,
breakfast lunch and dinner, drinks are also included.  Lunch will be provided on the route and we will eat it in the park.
The cost of the pilgrimage - $ 150 for pilgrims who set off from Stamford CT and Brooklyn NY.
 Pilgrims who set off from Wallington NJ cost  - $ 100.
 Pilgrims who set off from Three Bridges NJ cost -  $ 50. 
 Clerics and Volunteers - free of charge.
Each participant is responsible for their own luggage. We highly recommend the following: 1 carry-on baggage and 1 main baggage. 
The carry-on luggage should be a small backpack or bicycle bag in which you should have a rain poncho, spare inner tube and pertinent items (eg. cell phone, ID, sunscreen, favorite snacks) needed for the road. The main luggage is a backpack with a sleeping bag, foam pad and change of clothes (limited to a minimum) and toiletries. Please do not take items "which may be useful" - do not take a large luggage!!! A transportation vehicle will accompany us throughout the pilgrimage, which will help you if a need arises. We are looking for volunteers who would like to help and can use their own private cars/pick-ups and or vans with hooks or racks attached for bicycles. 
Each participant on the day of pilgrimage (16 July 2020) must be 18 years old !!!!
Every pilgrim ensures his own return from American Częstochowa to his place of residence !!!!

Call Monika Tel: 203 613-2376


"God, I can not do it, I will not ..."

You know what on Sunday I came back from the lV Bicycle Pilgrimage to the American Czestochowa. It was a quick and spontaneous decision taken on a Friday night. Only 80 miles was waiting for me (the whole route was 350 miles). On Saturday, the temperature indicated 108 F, at some point I began to wonder: Is the bigger heat pouring from the sky or beating from hot sticky asphalt?

Conditions were very difficult. I was a miracle. I have never experienced such fatigue and physical exhaustion before, and believe me I have been in many different places and situations. My own psyche killed me, I'm afraid that I'm the last one and I can not do it, the equipment I was going to and the temperature. In a word, I massacred myself physically and completely ... But my effort was not wasted. I met there a group of ANGELS who, without looking at anything, helped me reach my goal. You know what, there were TRUE PEOPLE who did not know me before, and they pulled out their hearts. It was as hot to me as it was to me, just as hard, yet they could give my hand or embrace my arm and push me up the hill. This is an amazing feeling when you say, "God, I can not do it, I will not ..." and at the moment someone puts a hand on your shoulders and pushes forward ...

As he cries in the back, change the derailleur, again and again ... as he gives you his electrolytes because he sees that you are falling, and he has only a bottle, how do you get a candy bar that makes your wings grow. Thank you BROTHER AND SISTER, that you helped me to survive these two days.
Agata, Marek and Maria, Zosia, Max, Gerard, Daniel, Tomek, Krzysztof, Stanisław, Boguslaw and many others. I can not even find you on Facebook, because I forgot about your name Today, when God, church or Catholic communities are so mocked, I want to tell you that it is WORTH to believe, it is worth being close to God and worth living in Catholic communities because living in the United States only found people for whom your name is not important but what do you need.
Amen. Well, maybe even in the mountains I met, but it was 20 years ago ... I'm just going to meet them

P.S. I think about it all the time to go next year

  Iwona Jaroszuk🙈


Iwona Jaroszuk

Our Lady of Czestochowa


Beginning addresses of the pilgrimage


Our Lady of Czestochowa

655 Dorchester Ave,

Boston, MA 02127



Saint Joseph Basilica

53 Whitcomb St.

Webster, MA 01570



SS. Cyril and Methodius

55 Charter Oak Ave,

Hartford, CT 06106



St. Joseph's Church

129 Edwards St,

New Haven, CT 06511



Holy Name of Jesus Church

325 Washington Blvd,

Stamford, CT 06902



St. Frances de Chantal R.C. Church

1273 58th St

Brooklyn , NY 11219



Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Church

127 Paterson Avenue,

Wallington, NJ 07057

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus R.C. Church


St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church

105 Summer Road,

Three Bridges, NJ 08887




The National Shrine of 

Our Lady of Czestochowa

654 Ferry Road,

Doylestown PA 18901



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