Each participant must read the regulations and waiver carefully !!!

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Pilgrimage is a thanksgiving and penitential religious act. It is a Christian community on the road that combines prayer and passion for cycling

The purpose of the pilgrimage is as follows:

• reviving faith, enriching the spirit through the practice of prayer,,
• obtaining favors through prayer and efforts of pilgrims,,
• forming a Christian attitude
• creating a community between people
Therefore, the organizer requires participants to:
• participation in all planned pilgrimage points (prayer, Eucharist),
• abstinence from alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, drugs, etc.,
• readiness to build a community (no listening to music while riding),
• care for the companions of the pilgrimage through mutual help (in particular waiting for those who are behind), respect and culture of the word.


Everyone who accepts its religious character and regulations, enrolls, pays the pilgrimage fee and follows the organizer's instructions may take part in the pilgrimage.
Age requirements
Only persons over 18 years of age can take part in the pilgrimage
Health Requirements
At the same time, the applicants declare that they are in good health and condition that enable them to actively participate in the pilgrimage.
Participants undertake to withdraw their application if their health changes to one that does not meet the requirement referred to above.
Participants are required to inform the organizer about chronic diseases and medications they are constantly taking.

Technical requirements
Each pilgrim should have:
• Technically efficient bicycle
•  Electric bicycles are NOT ALLOWED !!!
• The bicycle should be equipped with functional brakes, a spare inner tube, red reflective glass at the rear, efficient lighting (front and rear), sound signal, water bottle.
• A helmet, glasses, a comfortable outfit that allows you to move freely on the bike and adapted to different weather conditions, a hat, a backpack or a bag for a bike, a sleeping bag and a sleeping mat, daily personal hygiene items, a rosary, a supply of medicines, if any.


Each participant should have an identity document and be familiar with the traffic rules. The pilgrimage will take place with unrestricted road traffic, which is why participants must be extremely careful, strictly obey traffic rules and follow the instructions of law enforcement. Each road maneuver must be carried out ensuring that it can be safely carried out and signaled in advance. On the route, participants move along the right side of the road 30-50 cm from its edge in 20-person columns, driving one after the other. The composition of each column will be determined before the pilgrimage, and any changes made during the pilgrimage are allowed with the permission of the group guides. The distance between the columns should be 50-100 m. The column should move at a speed adapted to other cyclists, maintaining a safe distance from the preceding cyclist. It is unacceptable to block the road, drive in parallel, constantly change position and leave the column without the need and without the knowledge of a guide and caregivers. While driving, it is forbidden to: race between participants, release the steering wheel from your hands (always hold the steering wheel with at least one hand), remove your feet from the pedals, talk on a mobile phone, write and read text messages and listen to music.
The stops will take place in designated, safe places. Then you must not be on the road or move away from the group without informing the guide. At parking lots and nights, respect private and public property, keep order and cleanliness. The parking time is determined by the group guide giving everyone the departure time. In this case, you should immediately prepare for driving.

In the event of a bicycle breakdown, inform service personnel and the closing group about the situation, pull over to the side of the road, remove the breakdown and join the nearest group riding with it to a stop and only then join your group notifying your guide.
In the event of a sudden stop due to an accident (collision), etc. the whole group immediately leaves the road, going down the road, the edge of the road or the adjacent free area so as not to stop the traffic and that other groups can safely cross. Assistance should be provided to victims in compliance with safety conditions.
In the event of any health conditions on the route, you should immediately inform the group guide and medical service.


Participants take part in the pilgrimage at their own risk.
Participants of the pilgrimage take full responsibility for damages suffered during the pilgrimage as well as for damages caused during the pilgrimage, in particular those resulting from their own recklessness, reckless driving, lack of compliance with traffic rules, or disregarding accommodation.
The organizer is not responsible for the above-mentioned damages.


All participants sign a declaration of compliance with the regulations and the state of health.

Each pilgrim ensures his return from The National Shrine of our Lady of Czestochowa to his place of residence, the organizer is not responsible for the organization of return transport.


The organizer reserves the right to exclude a participant from a pilgrimage if he or she has grossly violated these regulations or a declaration made in the application.
Failure to comply with the regulations, instructions of the organizer, attitude inconsistent with the goals and spirit of the pilgrimage may result in exclusion from the Pilgrimage. An excluded person returns home at his own expense.
A person excluded from the pilgrimage is not entitled to a refund.


These regulations apply during the pilgrimage. The final interpretation of the regulations belongs to the Organizer. All claims arising from the lack of regulation of the regulations will be settled in court by a court appointed by a pilgrimage lawyer. All matters not regulated by the regulations are resolved by the Civil Code. Each participant signs on the organizer's list that he has read the regulations and undertakes to comply with it.